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Our legal database ALICe offers a simple overview of the current law text on homologation.

Automotive Legislation Information Center

The legislative institutions update their legal requirements at regular intervals. Whether the legal text is amended with smaller or major change, generally this amendment is not published in a consolidated version of the law, only the amended sentences are, etc.

ALICe stands for Automotive Legislation Information Centre and is the ATEEL tool to provide the consolidated legal text. You do not only receive the summarized text with the marked change, we will also provide you with management information and summaries of the change so that you can easily get an overview.

With ALICe you have access to:

  • The latest consolidated legal text of the UN ECE and EC jurisdictions
  • Management information and small changes for a quick overview
  • ECE and EU bills of law
  • Questions and answers to the EU Parliament
  • TAAM and TAAEG meeting minutes
  • Additional ECE documents

Request of a trial license

If you are interested in experiencing the functions of ALICe live to get an impression of the performance of this system, we would be willing to provide you with a trial license on request. To coordinate the scope and modalities, please contact ALICe.

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