Homologation von Traktoren

of tractors

ATEEL is notified as a Technical Service for all relevant legal acts for the approval of tractors.

Legal basis

The Europe-wide type approval of agricultural and forestry vehicles is based on the Framework Directive VO (EU) 167/2013. This regulation provides, among others, for a breakdown into tractors (classes T and C), trailers (class R), interchangeable towed equipment (class S) and tractors on tracks. Depending on customer requirements, approval can be obtained on the basis of a small series production or series production.


Scope of services

Analogous to the homologation of other vehicle classes, the homologation process includes the comprehensive assessment and approval of all relevant vehicle components as well as the complete system or vehicle. The constantly increasing performance requirements and new technologies represent a challenge for manufacturers.

Digital cockpits, the implementation of comfort systems and the use of e.g. digitally controlled continuously variable transmissions require extensive expertise from the Technical Service to assess conformity.

The development and implementation of autonomous driving machines was introduced to the manufacturers’ product portfolio at a very early stage. In addition to operation on arable land or grassland, this development requires compliance with all road traffic regulations. An assessment of the functional safety of such complex systems is part of the conformity assessment. In addition to the implementation of assistance systems, the electrification of the powertrain and the switch to alternative fuels also play a major role due to usually very large displacement engines.

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