Homologation von Wohnmobilen und Campern

of mobile homes

ATEEL is notified as a Technical Service for all relevant legal acts for the approval of mobile homes.

Legal basis

The Europe-wide uniform approval of motorhomes is based on the multi-stage type approval process for vehicles with a special purpose in the Framework Directive 2007/46 / EC (future Framework Regulation (EU) No. 2018/858).
Due to many years of experience in this area, a large number of German motorhome manufacturers have trust in our services.


Scope of services

The type approval of motorhomes requires an extremely complex and individual processing due to the small quantities and the extensive customer-specific equipment fittings. This process requires close customer contact.

We are at your disposal with our experienced Experts who will guide you through the homologation process and who will support you in the selection of the required test laboratories (e.g. for belt anchorages (ECE-R14) and seat strength (ECE-R17).

An acceptance test of the entire vehicle to carry out the approval tests is usually done on site at the manufacturer’s by an ATEEL Expert. As part of the type approval we summarise all the relevant vehicle data to create the CoC papers. This will help the manufacturer in their further process when creating vehicle-specific CoC papers. Upon request, we create country-specific registration data records, such as the CNIT codes required for registration in France.

Tailor-made solutions

Within the scope of our long-standing activities, we work with large motorhome manufacturers as well as for smaller companies. We develop suitable solutions tailored to the needs of the individual customer and project.

The relevant legal acts offer a variety of approaches in obtaining a permit, depending on factors such as the quantity produced, the manufacturer’s organisational structure and the target markets for the product.
Right from the start, our experienced experts will assist you with any question relevant to obtain the approval. It is crucial from the very beginning of the approval project to consider innovation or new technologies and to keep an eye on future legal developments.

In general, motorhomes are based on a chassis of an already known vehicle manufacturer. Due to many years of experience working with a number of motorhome manufacturers, ATEEL has a large database of basic vehicles as well as the contacts to their manufacturers.

In addition to technical expertise in the area of vehicle classes N2 and N3, our experts are available to answer questions about the interaction or transfer between vehicle registration as a car / motor home (M1) and commercial vehicle (N1).

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