Homologation von LKW

of trucks


ATEEL is notified as a Technical Service for all relevant legal acts for the approval of trucks.

Legal basis

In addition to the homologation of vehicle classes M1 to M3, the product portfolio includes the extensive European approval of N1 to N3 vehicles as well as special vehicles within this vehicle category. The definition in accordance with the Framework Directive 2007/46 / EC and its successor Regulation VO (EU) 2018/858 generally include “motor vehicles designed and built for the transport of goods”. Our Experts have many years of experience in terms of legal requirements, the implementation of homologation tests and the preparation of reports in the field of commercial vehicle homologation.


Scope of services

Due to the individual design of commercial vehicles, the product portfolio includes, in addition to the homologation of complete vehicles, the type approval of incomplete vehicles of vehicle category N2 and N3 analogous to the framework directive. Hence, ATEEL offers the possibility of homologation of completed vehicles of the categories N2 and N3, which plays a major role especially in the area of the approval of individual body constructions. As a result, specific customer requests regarding the combination of vehicle chassis and body can be met at their best within the legal possibilities. In addition to the implementation of international and national system reports, this flexibility requires the homologation of components in accordance with the respective UN-ECE or EU Regulations.

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