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Homologation is the certification of components or vehicles subject to approval. This certification is the basis for the launch of vehicles such as cars, trucks, motorised two-wheelers, trailers and their components to the market.

Homologation of Vehicles

In the automotive industry, homologation stands for compliance with regulations in the areas of active and passive safety, environmental protection, product monitoring and process quality.

Homologation consists of technical testing and approval of vehicles, systems and vehicle components in accordance with the relevant Regulations of the respective target market.

Given the information provided by the manufacturer, an expert opinion is issued by an authorised ATEEL Expert in accordance with the tests required by law. The Authority then issues the corresponding type approval, which is valid in all EU member states and/or UN ECE signatory states.

Homologation process

The homologation process is composed of different steps; an Initial Assessment of the manufacturer and their production facilities is the basic requirement before entering the homologation process. This involves an assessment of the quality management system according to the relevant ISO standards (e.g. ISO9001) to ensure product quality in the production process.

Series Production
Market Launch


As a first step in the homologation process, one or more test specimens are subject to the statutory tests. During the tests, one of our authorised Experts documents whether all requirements of the legal regulations are met and whether all necessary proof is available. These records serve as the basis for the authorised inspector to prepare an expert opinion.

In our expert opinions, we pay particular importance to a comprehensive presentation of the testing activity, to the test object, and to clear and transparent documentation of the results, as well as to detailed statements of conformity with all binding aspects of the respective legal act. Based on the expert opinion, the respective Authority issues an approval. With the granted approval the manufacturer is given the opportunity to sell their products in their chosen target markets. In order to ensure and maintain product quality, Conformity of Production audits are carried out at regular intervals by the Authority during the ongoing production process. This involves checking that the series product conforms to the relevant approval.

We are notified for the Type Approval of the following vehicles:

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