With UN-R157, (EU) 2022/1426 and AFGBV, legal acts have been created in Europe for the approval of automated driving vehicles. Now it is possible to approve both (SAE J3016) Level 3 and Level 4 vehicles.

AD (Automated Driving) regulations have far-reaching requirements for the development process. Effective procedures, methods, training and tools must be in place, up to date and applied within the organization to ensure safety and continuous compliance throughout the ADS operational lifecycle. These activities fall under the term Safety Management System (SMS). Testing and certification of the SMS is a basic requirement for obtaining an AD system approval. In addition to the SMS, the manufacturer of the ADS must submit a detailed safety concept and undergo extensive validation tests.

ATEEL is the technical service designated by many European authorities (including KBA and SNCH) for all European-wide legal acts relating to autonomous driving. All artifacts required for AD approval are audited and checked by our experienced experts.

Special requirements of Level 4 ADS: Operation of the ads vehicle is only possible with an additional operating area approval. The aim is to compare the ODD with the real life operating area. In this case, you are not dealing with the type approval authority, but with a competent state authority (in Germany). Here too, ATEEL can carry out the necessary tests for your approval.

Services of the ATEEL technical service:

  • Complete testing of your AD system in accordance with UN-R157, (EU) 2022/1426 or AFGBV
  • Auditing and certification of your Safety Management System (SMS)
  • Obtaining of AD (system) approvals
  • Tests for obtaining operating area approvals
  • Testing approvals
  • Further testing services on request

Services of ATEEL Consulting:

  • General consulting services
  • Gap analysis to fulfill the requirements of the SMS
  • Tracking the implementation of the SMS
  • Preparation of AD requirements for your specification
  • trainings
  • Further consulting services on request


Daniel Laplant
Head of Cyber Security Certification