of passenger cars


ATEEL is notified as a Technical Service for all relevant legal acts for the approval of passenger cars.

Legal basis

The Framework Directive 2007/46/EC and its subsequent Regulation (EU) 2018/858 lay down all the requirements that a manufacturer must meet in the course of a type approval procedure. In addition to passenger cars in categories M1 (passenger car with up to 9 seats), M2 (minibus with more than 9 seats up to 5000kg) and M3 (bus with more than 9 seats over 5000kg), the regulation applies in particular also to commercial vehicles (category N) and trailers (category O).


Scope of services

We are at your disposal with our experienced experts who will guide you through the homologation process and will assist you in selecting the required test laboratories.

Tailor-made solutions

Within the scope of our long-standing activities, we work with large automobile manufacturers as well as for smaller companies and manufacturers. We develop suitable solutions tailored to the needs of the individual customer and project.
The relevant legal acts offer a variety of approaches in obtaining a permit depending on factors such as the quantity produced, the manufacturer’s organisational structure and the target markets for the product.

Right from the start, our experienced Experts will assist you with any question relevant to obtain type approval. It is crucial from the very beginning of the approval project to consider innovation or new technologies and to keep an eye on future legal developments.

Future topics

Forward-looking topics such as new drive systems and fuel, autonomous driving, further developed assistance systems, cyber security, functional safety as well as constant evolving Regulations, will play an increasingly important role in the development process of automobile manufacturers. Our Experts deal with these future topics already today and are a competent contact/adviser for our customers.

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